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Tallmadge Asphalt / Paving Manufactures Its Own Asphalt

Unlike many other paving companies, Tallmadge Asphalt / Paving manufactures its own Asphalt at its headquarters on Tallmadge Road in Brimfield, Ohio. This allows us to control the quality of the product that we are installing.

Asphalt is a mixture of sand, stone, and asphalt cement (a petroleum product). There are several different mixes of asphalt but some of the most common are 301 & ODOT 448 Type 1 & 2 (gravel or limestone). 301 uses a larger stone in the mix for strength but is very porous. ODOT 448 Type 1 & Type 2 are used for intermediate and surface courses.

The average driveway is installed using a 2" base layer of 301 asphalt and then a 1 1/2" top layer of ODOT 448 Type 1 for a smoother finish.

Advantages of Asphalt:

  • Not affected by salt
  • Cracks from freezing and thawing are not quite as noticeable, and can be resurfaced (over old asphalt or concrete), at sometimes 1/2 the cost of total replacement
  • Asphalt can be driven on approximately 3 days after installation.

Mark Winters is the Asphalt Plant Manager and has been with Tallmadge Asphalt since 2004. Mark comes with 20 years previous experience in the Asphalt Industry. Mark is extremely dedicated to quality and service.

Tallmadge Asphalt / Paving has its own fleet of 20 trucks to deliver asphalt to the job. Mark Winters schedules the delivery of the asphalt to the job in the most efficient way to ensure the asphalt is the proper temperature and quality for your job.  

Safety is a top priority at Tallmadge Asphalt / Paving and Our mechanics make sure that all trucks are inspected daily before they leave the yard.

Owning and maintaining our own fleet of trucks, with some of the best drivers and mechanics, allows us to deliver asphalt to your job in the most efficient manner possible.

We think our Asphalt Paving Crew is One of the Best in the Industry.

 Our crew uses some of the best equipment on the market to ensure a quality finished product.

Larry Ireland is the Team Leader of the Asphalt Crew and has approximately 20 years of experience in the Asphalt Industry.  Larry is  in constant contact with Mark Winters throughout the job to ensure that the asphalt is the proper temperature and mix for your job.

Larry and Mark work very closely throughout the entire day to ensure that from manufacture to installation your job is done in the most professional, efficient way possible.

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